Youtube Gaming streaming live

For those whGoogle lanceert YouTube Gamingo hadn’t noticed it just yet, or hadn’t heard about it, youtube’s game streaming service has gone live and can be found here 

More than 25000 games are to get their own page and the service will be strictly limited to gaming. They will try to compete with other existing services like

Googles new service will only make use of HTML5 for the videostreaming and there’s also going to be an app to go with it.

Updates will follow

Twitter link’

Anti Spam Measurements

After configuring a basic setup and putting the WP-site online, I noticed an increased amount of traffic. It would seem that the domain is still a valid target to spamming. The standard solution for WP-sites is Akismet, which was already in use, but as far as I know it targets only the comments.

The problem we were having was that there was a small avalanche of fake users trying to register and then go rampant on the BuddyPress part of the website and the blog itself.

Looking for a solution I came across a plugin called WangGuard and decided to have a go at it. So far I’m inclined to say that it does exactly what it claims to do: just put a stop to sploggers or spam users.

For those interested, the link to the WangGuard website.

The plugin can be installed through the admin panel as any other plugin. You might need to register on the website to obtain an api-key

A New start for The Wandering Wolves website !

Welcome to WordPress.

A new start for the Wandering Wolves website?

Don’t know where this might lead to but at least it’s better than the “Hello World” that has been on the main page for ages now … Finally found some time to take a look at something new.

I’ll be expanding things as time permits, as for now this is it. Suggestions are welcomed, so shoot away !

Things on the to-do list:

  • Make the website look a bit more pleasing for the eyes (suggestions needed)
  • Spamm free website would be nice
  • Create a integrated forum (subject suggestions required – import of old threads/forum are not being considered atm unless a hassle free method is found and it’s something that is wanted)
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc …)
  • Cross device usability (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone …)
  • etc …

You see, lot’s of things to do … so lets get started !