A New start for The Wandering Wolves website !

Welcome to WordPress.

A new start for the Wandering Wolves website?

Don’t know where this might lead to but at least it’s better than the “Hello World” that has been on the main page for ages now … Finally found some time to take a look at something new.

I’ll be expanding things as time permits, as for now this is it. Suggestions are welcomed, so shoot away !

Things on the to-do list:

  • Make the website look a bit more pleasing for the eyes (suggestions needed)
  • Spamm free website would be nice
  • Create a integrated forum (subject suggestions required – import of old threads/forum are not being considered atm unless a hassle free method is found and it’s something that is wanted)
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc …)
  • Cross device usability (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone …)
  • etc …

You see, lot’s of things to do … so lets get started !


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